How to make the cut for a job promotion

You dream all your life to go to school, graduate and get a good job. Now that you have a job what happens after that, they might be a position that you have always envied or wished to have since you started your job. We all know how difficult it is to get a promotion or even be on the list of possible candidates, but we need growth in our careers and a promotion gives you that.

These days you can’t just wait for a promotion to fall in your lap. That happens sometimes, but most promotions, especially at large companies, require you to go through the application and interview process, and usually you’ll have to compete with candidates from outside the company. Apply for the right positions. Don’t just apply for any opportunity that pays a bit more than your current job. Look for opportunities that you are genuinely interested in and that you are qualified for.

Don’t be complacent, and remember to “sell” yourself as you would if you were applying for any other job, because the are other people who are applying for that job, like external candidates and they can extremely competitive because they have no pretences of security–they want the job.

However if you hoping to get a promotion you need to work for a company that can give you room to grow as some don’t.

Concentrate on just doing the best you possibly can in your current position. Excellent performance reviews aren’t sufficient to get you a promotion, but they’re necessary for it. So are good attendance, punctuality, and a willingness to go the extra mile when the company needs it. Showing up 5 minutes early and leaving 5 minutes after your shift can turn into a fortune of extra income over your lifetime when you are the one that gets the promotion.

Make sure people know you’re doing a great job. You don’t want to blow your own horn too much, but you can’t always expect your performances to speak for themselves. Keep in good contact with your supervisor, and make sure he or she knows what you’ve been up to (assuming you’ve had some smashing successes). Don’t be an attention grabber but make sure people know who you are and make sure you get credit where credit is due.

Be popular. In an ideal world, promotions would be based solely on merit. We don’t live in an ideal world, though, and office politics will often play a role in who gets promoted and who doesn’t. Use and develop your people skills. Be kind and helpful to your co-workers, supervisors, and underlings. Be present at company events and network with people from outside your department.

Patience is a virtue, even when seeking a promotion. Be realistic with yourself about your qualifications and job performance, and don’t get frustrated if you get passed over for a promotion. Wait for the right opportunity. But don’t wait forever.

Be polite and tactful, try as you might to avoid office politics, at times you do have to take sides. Do so gracefully and reasonably, and be careful not to burn bridges or alienate people. If don’t get the promotion ask questions about why you didn’t get the promotion and what skills or qualities the successful candidate had that you didn’t, just to prepare yourself for next time.


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