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10 Things you don’t know about Solange Knowles

  1. Solange has been compared to her sister, Beyonce by the media, but she dismisses the notion, saying they are artistically different.
  2. She is the younger sister of Beyonce
  3. As a child Solange  studied dance and theatre
  4. She began writing songs at the age of nine.
  5. At one point Solange temporarily replaced Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland after Kelly broke her toes
  6. At one point her father and manager of  Destiny Child’s, Mathew Knowles
  7. Knowles occasionally paints as her hobby: “I think that painting, for me, is such an affirmative expression in that sometimes you don’t know what the outcome is gonna be and each stroke and each brush for me is an emotion and, in the end, it comes out as a piece which is the most amazing thing. … It definitely provides a different outlet.”
  8. Beyoncé was unwilling to bring her sister into the recording industry, reasoning that it “involves a lot of pressure”. Knowles countered by saying, “It’s good to have her advice, but we really have different goals”
  9. She models for her  families’ clothing line, House of Deréon.
  10. Knowles married Daniel Smith in February 2004 when she was 17 and he was 19


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