Many years ago By Strive Masiyiwa

Many years ago, I attended an event to honour Jeff Bezos, the founder of He is one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs of this generation. A truly remarkable man, whom I greatly admire for his work. As he was being interviewed he talked about what had inspired him to develop the “Kindle”. It is one of my favourite tech tools, and I carry one everywhere I go.

Something he said, really resonated with me:
“Let’s not forget that a “BOOK” is an invention. It has been one of the most successful inventions of all time, but it is still an invention.”

How many of us, look at something, like a book, and think to ourselves:
“Someone actually invented this.”

Often when you have a successful invention that has endured a long time, people begin to think, is came off the Ark with Noah. Yes, there was a time, when there was no book.
Even the simple classroom, with a school teacher at the front, is an innovation, that did not exist, until a few hundred years ago.
Someone out there is thinking about, “how can I re-invent this? What innovation can I introduce to come up with a better more efficient, cost effective method.”
These are the people who will go on to change the world.

Hey, if you can see it, “its subject to change”. And you are the one to change it:
This is the mindset that makes you an entrepreneur, either for profit, or for non-profit.
Jeff and his team at Amazon invented the Kindle, to replace the book, in paper format. They have sold millions, and it has contributed to making Amazon, valued at more than $200bn, in just a few short years.

The End.

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