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Top 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Simon Chimbetu

Orchestra Dendera Kings was a band founded by the legendary Dendera musician

simon chimbetu

1. Simon was born in Musengeza area of Mbire District in Mashonaland Province.

2. He was born in 1955 on the 23rd of September.

3. He is a Samanyika.

4. Simons father was a brick layer.

5. Simon was involved in the liberation struggle.

6. He went as far as Tanzania for training after joining Zanu PF.

7. He provided morale through his music.

8. He worked for a tobacco production company after returning to Zimbabwe.

9. Whiles working he played fat the Mushandirapamwe Hotel and got backing from John Chibadura’s Sungura Boys as he did not have his own instruments.

10. He was backed by Naison and together they performed as Marxist Brothers.

11. Chimbetu became more successful when he went solo.

12. Chimbetu recorded classics such as ‘Kuipa Chete’, ‘Ngoma Yanditora Moyo’.

13. He called his brand of Sungura ‘Dendera’.

14. Simon is fluent in Shona, Chewa, Ndebele and Swahili.

15. Simon was imprisoned for 4 years after being convicted of recieving stolen property.