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Top 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Roki

1. Roki has 5 children

2. He can not be faithfull to a woman because he is faithful to his music

3. Roki dropped out at 15 to persue his music career

4. Roki was/ still is inspired by his uncle who was a drama for Oliver Mtukudzi

5. Rokford is 29 years old



6. Roki entered the Brother House in 2012

7. He was evicted from the house for having a fight with Maneta

8. Roki auditioned for the 2011 Big Brother show then got called for the next season

9. Roki says for him ‘the one’ is his children

10. Roki’s real name is Rockford Josphat



11. He was born on July 7 in 1985

12. Roki has a video of the year award which he got because of his hit ‘Chidzoka’

13. Roki made his first debut in 2001 after releasing the hit track ‘Seiko’ which featured Leonard Mapfumo then released Suzana after

14. He is the “most Promising Artist for 2003”

15. Roki has 2 sons and 3girls

16. His music centre’s around the themes of love, death, life and the clash of Western and African culture

17. Roki is a contemporary musician

18. He is a singer-songwriter,dancer,choreography,actor

19. Roki named his children Sky, Rockford, Josphat, Joy and Don

20. He believes ‘Inspiration is a form that people tap into’

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Top 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Roki

1. Roki is a father to five children 2. He says he cannot be faithful to a woman because he...