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“Being A Zimbabwean Comes With A Lot Of Positive And Negative Things” – Gilmore Tee

Gilmore t

Who is Gilmore?

Gilmore is a 24 year old achiever who is highly involved in the Creative Industries and also believes in working towards self-sustainability within the global society. Born on the 21st of March, Gilmore is the last born in a family of 4 children. He has a strong passion towards developing societies, industries and also creating opportunities for others through his creative initiatives. Because of the different attributes that he obtained from visiting different countries and embracing their uniqueness, he describes himself as a Global Citizen and a Social Entrepreneur. Gilmore is currently doing his Development Studies at the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and holds qualifications in French and Leadership. The Global Citizen speaks over 6 languages, amongst them, French, Wolof and Ndebele. Gilmore is always ready to work.

Who or what motivated you to join Global Change makers?

My motivation to join the Global Change Makers network was steamed from the fact that the initiative celebrates young people from across the globe and it is highly active in bringing positive change within our communities through working with these youths. I am a go getter and the international vision of Global Changemakers Network rightly fits in what I believe in.

What have you achieved through it?

Gilmore tt

I joined Global Change makers Network in 2009 and so far the experience has been outstandingly amazing. I usually come up with expressions that best describe the feeling I will be having, and outstandingly amazing just brings out what GCM is all about. Through the network, I managed to run a 2 years arts program that was supported by British Council Zimbabwe, called Peace of Art, and it benefited a whole lot of people. With another group of young leaders from other parts of Africa, we ran a one year program called African Oracles which aimed at alleviating social injustices and address stereotypes and negative perceptions. The slope has been moving higher from then and the amount of life time friends I have met through the network is incredible. More opportunities have come out of Global Change makers Network and I surely recommend it to any youth person who has a purpose in life and want to achieve their goals.

If you were a President for one day what would you change? Why?

I would make sure that I give young people an opportunity to share, exchange and expand their dreams through whatever skills and capabilities they have. Above all, I would make sure that they understand that problems are not solved by sitting and mourning about them, but it takes an individual to get up and tackle them. This is how we build our communities and a legacy.

How long have you been running your business?


I have been involved in the creative industries and the development world for over 6 years, hence I would say I have been up and about with my business for over 6 years. But my business partner and I, formally registered our establishment, Hunnar Management Agency in March 2013. Both of us are highly involved in our respective industries. But I always say, whatever involves me as an individual is my business hence I take it serious. Therefore, I have been involved in the business of me for 24 years, now.

Do you want volunteers?

Every time we do some projects, we always have volunteers working with us on different areas. If you have a passion for what you do and are creative at it, please do look for us on Facebook: Hunnar Management Agency, Twitter @HunnarAgency or just drop us an email at hunnaragency-at-gmail.com. We appreciate people with focus and who know themselves.

Do you have a specific target market and location?


Currently, Hunnar Management Agency is based in Bulawayo, with the global vision of having an office in Harare, spreading across Africa to places like Nigeria, Algeria and Europe. Our main focuses are PR, brand management and project coordination, and we would like to have a huge impact in our country Zimbabwe, before we explode globally.

What inspired you to start a lifestyle magazine?

dEck Magazine was inspired by the need to create a unique platform for young Zimbabweans within and outside Zimbabwe to voice out on issues that are important to their day to day living. The inspiration was also drawn from the amazing team – Chris Nqoe, Ntando Moyo, Sonny Jermain and Mbo Mahocs, these guys work flat off to represent other youths out there. The magazine is made up of motivated and inspiring individuals; hence the ultimate aim does not differ far from that.

What are some of the challenges you faced as a young person starting your own project?

Being Zimbabwean comes with a lot of positive and negative things. Seeing that you clearly asked for the negative, I will dish them out without fail. In many cases when a young person starts any initiative in our circles, there is little support from the elderly and also the peers. Many people feel threatened, which I believe that it has to do with their self-esteem & individuality. Again, you are never there to boost their self-esteem, it’s never your responsibility to do that. So if you do not get that, it also takes time to gain loyalty as people still have the mentality that “it’s just a young person”, but we are the leaders and the least society can give to us is support. Because I had been doing some projects for a while, it sort of gave me enough support from the elderly and I started facing the challenges during the journey. But, we learn daily and I appreciate what I have learnt through the people I have interacted with, the negative perceptions and just my own adventures.

What’s your definition of success?

Success is the ability to bringing smiles on many faces through your capabilities, and allowing them to tell your story. That is the kind of legacy I would like to live.

You are a Global Change maker. How has that changed you as a person?

The Network has allowed me to realise that you will always build, but you require positive energy around you, from those that have greater visions to build a stronghold. I have grown a thick skin through the knowledge and experiences shared from the network, which is just a huge stepping stone for youths.

What music do you listen to and what do you do in your spare time?

I thought we were never going to get to that fun part of the interview.  My taste in music is the soft rock, soulful, a little afro pop, house music and some exotic strings. I listen to a lot of Magic, Emile Sande, Alex & Sierra, John Legend, Maroon 5, Mafikizolo, Hillsong, Lana Del Rey, The Soil and Milky Chance, amongst many great artists. During my spare time, I write a lot of opinionated and thought provoking articles, paint and I am also working on a musical project that will come out in 2016. You will know first before it goes out, I have some talented collaborations. I am also into a lot of charity work, my mom used to work at SOS Children’s Village; hence i have a heart towards working with children.

Who is on your top 5 local artists?

I have a lot of local, Zimbabwean artists I respect and admire. Some I have met and some I have never met, because our paths lead different ways to the destination. My Top 5 Zimbabwean artists, are as follows:
1. Tariro NeGitare

Tari negitare
2. Tehn Diamond

3. Tinashe Makura

Tinashe Makkk
4. PrayerSoul

Prayer Soul
5. Ammara Brown

Ammara cover

What would you like to change in the world today?

I would like to eliminate apathy amongst youths and encourage them to stand up and work for their tomorrow. We owe that to ourselves.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Gilmore 4

In 5 years’ time, I would have managed to inaugurate all establishments I am involved in, into global initiatives, I will be getting married at the end of the 5th year and also my dreams will be concretely implanted. The Gilmore Tee brand will be on your TVs, Radio and in your homes. I am building daily and am excited about it.

What do you do to relax?

I have a pool of the coolest friends in the world; we usually hang out and talk lots of rubbish during the sessions. I travel a lot and it helps me relax my mind, but works my body. Another remedy is to switch off all communication lines just for a certain period of time; it helps me relax a lot.

Your advice to young people?

Gilmore 5

Never think that it is someone’s responsibility to make you reach out to your dreams. You need to work towards them and eventually you will attract good energy along the way. Baby steps matter in building a legacy.

Where can your followers reach you?

I am highly active on social media, everything is Gilmore Tee
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GilmoreTee | Twitter: @GilmoreTee | Instagram: @GilmoreTee | Tumblr: www.gilmoretee.tumblr.com

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