Zimbabwe’s Pioneer Coaches Unexpectedly Retrenches 80 Employees

The Pioneer coaches have stopped all their local routes leaving eighty employees without jobs and their contracts terminated to their surprise.

Some employees who spoke on the matter said they were not alerted and left in the dark about the retrenchment and were not given any reasons why their contracts were being terminated.

The employees accused the company directors Simon and Hamish Rudland for not informing them about their decisions. One employee said they were given letters and told to park all the local buses, all employees were told they would be given three month salaries.

“If they intend to sell the company, we have no problem but they should follow procedure, not this unfair treatment”, one employee said. He went on to say this was a slap in the face for some of them who have been with the company for fifteen years.

The employees said local routes gave the company a lot of money saying the decision was unintelligent. “It’s their decision anyway and there’s very little we can do. But we cannot do is let them give us just three months’ salary when we have worked for them for fifteen years. We want the Rudland brothers to come and address us, not this carelessness of asking a human resource manager from another company to address us”.

Thirty buses have already been parked in Willowvale at the company’s premises and they are expected to issue twenty five more letters to employees.

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