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2013 Mazda 5

The Mazda5 has managed to piece together an unmatched combination of performance, functionality, design and packaging since its inception in 2006.  Maintaining its competitive edge, Mazda5 adds additional safety features, creature comforts and storage versatility, bringing the 2013 Mazda5 to a whole new level.  New colors have been added to help highlight the fluid-motion lines as they move through the sleek sheet metal and fuel efficiency has been increased while maintaining the superior handling characteristics its owners have loved for so long.  These new additions improve upon an already stellar package, one working perfectly for families and flawlessly for those with active lifestyles.

2013 Mazda5

“The Mazda5 has continued to improve upon its functionality and versatility for its active owners,” said Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO, Mazda North American Operations (MNAO).  “Mazda5 owners expect a lot out of the design, performance and usability of the vehicle and that is something we continually worked to improve upon.”

The 2013 Mazda5 continues to incorporate treatments from Mazda’s Nagare “flow” design language which, inspired by the beauty of nature, presents an elegant look not found in any existing vehicle today.   It’s an appealing look that draws the eye in from first glance and continues to hold the viewer’s attention through to the vehicle’s taillights.

2013 Mazda5

Mazda5 retains the values that have been part of the vehicle build concept since day one: smart and emotional design, instinctive, intuitive creature comforts, customary Mazda quality, and a superior dynamic driving performance that does not compromise its environmental impact.


Smart, Emotional Design That Captivates

Living up to the motto “Elegant Resourcefulness,” the 2013 Mazda5’s styling achieves a higher balance of functionality and design, while at the same time giving it a stylish look that is immediately distinguishable from the clunky, box-like designs found on conventional offerings in the market.

The Nagare five-point grille shares the unique design of the Mazda family.  This makes it immediately distinguishable as a Mazda vehicle, and lends it a dynamic and sporty expression that is true to its DNA.  The flowing lines of the hood and headlamps gather in the center of the grille to create a powerful sense of motion.  And the curved lines that form the mesh pattern adopted for the grille lend the impressions that the mesh flows out from the center to the sides, which expresses the essence of Nagare design.

2013 Mazda5

The fog lamp bezels were designed to form a continuous line with the side shoulders and wheel arches to present a wide, dynamic image.  This blends beautifully with the gentle S-shaped contour established by the sweeping lines off the sides of the front grille and up toward the headlamps.  In addition, the mesh pattern surrounding the fog lamps creates a design that flows back toward the rear of the vehicle.  The deeply sculpted form of the area around the hood and fog lamps gives the front a firm countenance that emphasizes its athletic, purpose-driven styling.

The Nagare design motif applied to the sides of the body gracefully continues the dynamic flow of the lines from the headlamps and front fenders, and then carries that flow to the rear fenders and rear combination lamps in a beautiful fashion.  In the same spirit, the rails for the sliding door are blended skillfully with the same character lines.

2013 Mazda5

By connecting the flow from the front and sides through to the rear fenders, rear combination lamps and all the way to the tailgate, Mazda5’s design creates a beautiful and dependable body line.  Adding further appeal and lending the rear end a wide, stable look, is the powerful line cut by the prominent rear fender shoulders combined with the placement of the rear combination lamps.  The finishing touch is the extended rear quarter and rear window glass panels that completely cover the D-pillar to emphasize the flowing design.

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