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Emergency Braking Works, U.K. Accident Data Shows

TheINSTALLATION of automatic emergency-braking systems on Volkswagen Golf and Passat models has resulted in a 45% drop in third-party personal injuryINSURANCE CLAIMS in the U.K., according to an independent study.


The Motor Insurance Repair Research Center in Thatcham, Berkshire (Thatcham Research), operated by the U.K. insurance industry, says the finding is based on the equivalent of more than 7,000 Mark VII (seventh-generation) Golf models insured for a full 12 months on the road, and comes from claims data from its insurance members.


“When we saw figures based on an initial small sample, we were surprised, as they exceeded our own performance testing,” Thatcham Research Director of Safety Matthew Avery says in a statement.

“However the figures held up, even after almost doubling the sample group, and have therefore given us a glimpse of what safety on U.K. roads could look like in the future.”

Since launch, third-party injury claims on the latest Golf are 45% lower than for the equivalent “small family car control group.”



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