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Get To Know Zororo Makamba With Youth Village Zimbabwe

Zororo Makamba has been making waves in the media space since he came back from the United States Of America hosting several shows on ZiFM Stereo. He chats to us about his dreams for the local media space, his future plans and so much more.

How is Zororo doing in 2015?

  1. Where have you gone already? We’ve managed to shoot the full season of Tonight with Zororo. I just started my masters in Film & Media Production at the New York Film Academy & I am based at their Los Angeles campus in California.

Soprano Meeting

How did your love for Communication and Broadcasting come about?

Runs in the blood. My father was a very successful DJ in his time, he went on to start and own the country’s first privately owned TV station, Joy TV. I’m my father’s son & some things just run in the blood. Just look at George W & Jeb Bush.

Did you face any difficulties when getting into the Entertainment industry?

Robyn Hunter the current affairs head gave me the opportunity to join the current affairs team at zifm. Let’s just say that many people were skeptical & doubted her decision, doubted me. That was a moment in my early career when I knew people were watching, waiting to see how I would do. Well hard work paid off and here we are a couple years later. I’m forever grateful to Robyn.

What makes Zororo unique?

There is no other Zororo Makamba.

How did the opportunity of working at Zifm come about?

I did radio as a student at Michigan State University. After graduation I left with a compilation of my best shows, gave it to the zifm management upon arrival & I was blessed to be given an opportunity to be on air.

Who is your favourite local radio personality?

Kimble Rojers. What you hear/see is what you get. He does what he wants, says what he wants & entertains the masses whilst doing so. I know so many other personalities who envy him because he freely expresses himself. Too many people self-censor themselves.


What is TonightWith Zororo about?

Young, vibrant current affairs show with a fresh perspective. The Coca Cola sound stage is going to be a hit. It’s the third segment of the show & no doubt will it be an audience favourite.

Where did the idea come from?

I have always wanted to do a TV show. However timing is so important. I’ve built a great working relationship with Nafuna TV over the last year and all parties agreed that the time was now to do the show.

When can we expect the show to hit our screens?

Very very soon, The goal was to always have a show ready in time for the digital migration deadline. Till then look out for the promo that will show snippets of what to expect in season 1.

What do you look for in a life partner?

Last thing on my mind right now.

What do you do for fun?

I like to eat out, read, and lately I’ve become more adventurous. I’ve been doing more activities that get the blood pumping

Take us through your typical working day, what it’s like?

Right now I’m back at school so its class, naps, network & then nap some more. Been hard adjusting back to the student routine after working for the last couple years. But there is so much life here in LA, this is the entertainment capital of the world & I’m looking forward to bettering myself, asking lots of questions & growing my network.


What’s your dream for the Zimbabwean youth?

Realizing their time is now. No need to wait for handouts, or policy changes let’s get working now. When it’s all said and done you will have yourself to blame if you don’t make that effort to reach your goals & make an impact on this world.

What drives you, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I always feel like I’m the underdog. Always.

Where would you like to see Zimbabwean Radio and Television in the next five years and are you still going to be on air?

I’m hoping see to quality productions of Zimbabweans telling our own story & with hard work I hope I will have a part to play.

What would you like to say to the youths that think of you as their role model?

This is something I never ever stop to think about. I feel like I haven’t even arrived yet. I’m just getting started. The more progress you make, the more you realize how much further you still have to go. But baby steps are still steps regardless. But I’d say keep working, and celebrate & enjoy the journey. Don’t  stay focused on reaching the destination.

What have you learnt about pursuing your dreams? 

It’s beautiful thing. You sort of need to stop and just realize that this is all happening. Not many people get to do so & I am aware of that. I’m in a position now where I get to really grow & challenge myself. Being at school I want to keep taking the necessary steps so that I can master my craft.

What do you dislike about fame?

That a question better posed to Jah, Tocky, Sulu etc I’m not famous in that regard. I still get to do all the things I was doing before I became a media personality.

I am sure the ladies want to know if Zororo is currently seeing anyone?

I’m single.

If you were given the opportunity to have anyone of your choice as a guest on one of your shows who would it be and why?

I got to interview a Vice President my first week of radio. Nothing gets better than that.


Zororo has a very cool dress sense be it casual or formal or smart casual!Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

I love Zara. One day when I can afford them I’d love to have Zara’s creative head advise me on my dressing. It’s the small things. Appearance is very important.

Your top 5 Zimbabwean musicians?

Kapital K is my favorite artist right now. He is currently working on an EP & I know it’s going to be heat.

Whats the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to you?

Being on radio no one ever gets to see your face. But I think after the TV show that all will change. Ask me this question again in 2016.

Whats your greatest achievement this far?

Being able to do pursue and do what I love. Not many people are doing what they outright love. And for that I’m happy & grateful.

Any words of wisdom for the youth of Zimbabwe?

Why not you?

How can your fans reach you?

Follow me on twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Same handle for all 3 @ZororoMakamba. And they can get in touch via my website www.zororomakamba.com





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