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Honda Announces the CTX700N and CTX700, the First Models of the CTX Series Bringing Customers the Comfort Technology Experience

The CTX series was developed from the new “Comfort Technology Experience” concept dreamed up by Honda. The CTX delivers maneuverability and comfort brought by coupling a low center of gravity with less tiring low-vibration characteristics to realize an uninterrupted stress-free ride even as the distance adds up. Excellence in both stability and cornering offers users quiet and stable high-speed cruising. On top of this, the super-controllable engine characteristics found in the CTX series realize a smooth launch, speed changes and decelerating combined with smooth power response. Honda has thus achieved a level of comfort never experienced before through its pursuit of super-controllability accomplished by the best-fitting engine characteristics for every condition.

Honda CTX700

The CTX styling inherits Honda’s own “horizontal motive design” from its flagship model, the GL1800 (GOLDWING) – a model enjoying high acclaim worldwide. From the overall styling all the way down to the very details including the seat and silencer, the horizontal motive design melds harmony with functional beauty.

The CTX series incorporating Honda’s technologies seeks to reduce susceptibility to variations in the riders’ experience and body size and offers a comfortable ride for any rider. These models also give users the opportunity to experience a stress-free ride in a wide variety of uses, from long-distance rides to street transport.

Honda CTX700N

Equipped with the liquid-cooled inline 2-cylinder 670cc engine designed for compactness and a low center of gravity, the CTX700N and CTX700 announced today are entering the market as the first CTX series.

These new models sprung from Honda’s “Comfort Technology Experience” concept, and were developed under the keywords of “easy, comfortable and exhilarating.” The models feature a compact, low-center-of-gravity engine full of torque and producing a delightful throbbing feel in the low- to mid-speed ranges together with a smooth high-quality controllability that remains true to the goals of superior fuel efficiency and easy handling, featuring the liquid-cooled, inline, 2-cylinder 670cc engine design.

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