Part2: 10 Most Successful Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs

Continuation from Part1

Lovemore Mukono

Mukono is a technology entrepreneur, he is the co-founder and CEO of Mukonitronics which is one of the African leading power technology companies. He also has investments in stock market, property and money markets.


Trevor Ncube

Trevor Ncube is a media entrepreneur and he owns Mail & Guardian, The Standard and Zimbabwe Independent. He is the chairman and deputy executive chairman for Alpha Media in Zimbabwe and Mail & Guardian South Africa.

trevor ncube

Farai Rwidzi

Farai Rwodzi is a shareholder, chairman and director of several listed companies including Apex Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited and Meikles Limited. He is a leading entrepreneur with interests in various sectors of the economy including financial services, hospitality, industrial property development and mining.


Gidoen Gono

The former Central Bank Governor and former CEO of CBZ Holdings is now in the chicken breeding business. He runs a chicken farm the highly integrated Lunar Chickens at his house in Harare.


Billy Rautenbach

Billy Rautenbach business venture involves trucking, car manufacturing, farming and mining in several African countries. His turned his family business, Wheels of Africa into the largest trucking company on the African continent.


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