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SoulJah Love And Bounty Lisa Split: Check The Leaked Texts Between Bounty Lisa and Her Friend

The other side of fame can be nasty. One day it’s us against the world, the next it’s leaked texts and all. Sadly for one of the most popular couples in Zimbabwe entertainment, this has become their reality and it doesn’t look nowhere near civil. We got hold of leaked text messages that prove things can get real ugly really quick. Check it out below.

souljah lisa

[12:40, 5/20/2015] Bounty Lisa: Ndosiyana naye

[12:41, 5/20/2015] Bounty Lisa: Bt still dats one of the stories bt haitorina basa sterek pane dzimwe nyaya
[12:43, 5/20/2015] Yadah vanessa kudzi: Ok tokwanisa kuita this ngatitange tatsvaga imba first
[12:46, 5/20/2015] Bounty Lisa: I hope he will juss let me go
[12:46, 5/20/2015] Bounty Lisa: Cz chihure chanyanya
[12:48, 5/20/2015] Yadah vanessa kudzi: Hanty you owe him nothing chekuti haazochide back
[12:48, 5/20/2015] Bounty Lisa: Nothing
[12:58, 5/20/2015] Bounty Lisa: He says im a celeb so many are dying to have me
[12:59, 5/20/2015] Bounty Lisa: And i sayed im also a celeb so watch out
[12:59, 5/20/2015] Yadah vanessa kudzi: Kkkk wamugona stereki
[13:00, 5/20/2015] Yadah vanessa kudzi: Both muri ma celeb so many are dying to have u too
[13:00, 5/20/2015] Yadah vanessa kudzi: But ngazive kuti vamwe ma hure varipo Ku destroyer
[13:01, 5/20/2015] Bounty Lisa: Lkkkkkk dats wat he dsnt knw
[19:55, 5/20/2015] Bounty Lisa: Dnt 4gt our plan cz my mind n soul is not here anymo
[19:56, 5/20/2015] Yadah vanessa kudzi: OK dea I will not
[19:58, 5/20/2015] Bounty Lisa: Okay cool
[13:15, 5/21/2015] Bounty Lisa: The guy came home na6am gaya
[13:15, 5/21/2015] Bounty Lisa: Kuti ndivhunze
[13:15, 5/21/2015] Bounty Lisa: Bt i kept quite
[13:15, 5/21/2015] Bounty Lisa: Bvaageza akabuda futi
[13:24, 5/21/2015] Yadah vanessa kudzi: Aaah nhaiwe
[13:24, 5/21/2015] Yadah vanessa kudzi: Musiye usamuvhunze usamubikire
[13:26, 5/21/2015] Bounty Lisa: Handiskutomboita anyting arikutoitirwa neboys dzake

Wow, this love thing can get crazy but you know what they say best lovers become the worst enemies.

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