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Tariro Negitare Interview

Tariro Negitare as she’s known to everyone is one of the new forces representing Afro Pop music in Zimbabwe globally. We had a chance to interview the talented mom on her career, her inspirations and giving back, read all about it below.


Q: Who is Tariro Negitare, how do you best describe Tariro?

A: Tariro neGitare is a mother, musician and entrepreneur. I am the director of Magitare Trust which focuses on arts and culture development, I run a retail called Chihera which stocks African inspired jewellery and accessories and Wildfire Africa which specializes in events and entertainment.

Q: What kind of music do you make and what are some of your biggest musical influences?

A: Afro soul. I am heavily influenced by Oliver Mtukudzi who is also a mentor, Tracy Chapman and Lauryn Hill amongst others.

Q: At what age did you realize you were meant to be a musician and you wanted to do it as a profession?

A: Still processing …  Its not really a profession but a calling, I am an entrepreneur, that is what I do for a living.

Q: Tariro Negitare obviously has to have something with you being a good guitar player, how old were you and who taught you to play?

A: I started learning the guitar at 13 and was taught in high school by Sr. Elizabeth Wedeking.



Q: Why do you think African Afro pop artists are more successful internationally that other genres?

A: It’s just what it is…popular…hence Afro pop!

Q: Did you study music or it’s something that just comes naturally to you?

A: I have never studied music professionally but I research a lot of techniques and tutorials to improve the gift.

Q: You’ve worked and shared stages with some of Africa’s powerhouses like Oliver Mtukudzi, Simphiwe Dana and Zahara, how did it feel, any nerves?

A: It was amazing, always a learning experience. Of-course you cannot run away from the nerves.


Q: How did Acoustic nights come about, for those who haven’t been there, what can they expect if they come?

A: The Acoustic Night is a monthly platform for artists to showcase and develop their talent and is held monthly at KwaMambo restaurant. One can expect authentic live Zimbabwean talent, and an evening of good music and good company.

Q: Where do you want to see your music go?

A: I definitely see my music going global.

Q: Is doing music alone in Zimbabwe enough, can you live off music alone especially the new generation.

A: Running any business in Zimbabwe is viable. It’s all about the amount of time and effort you put into your product.

Q:Tell us more about Magitare Trust, what do you wish to achieve with the program?

A: Magitare Trust is an organization dedicated to supporting Zimbabwean artists working in all creative disciplines. Magitare Trust provides artists the resources necessary to excel in their chosen field. The trust sources grants, facilitates trainings and creates platforms to enable artists to grow from their talent being just a passion to running it as a business. It is a product of the Acoustic Night. I envision a future where artists throughout Zimbabwe have access to the resources and opportunities they need to express their creative spirit and where artists are held in the highest respect.

Q: Your job seems like a lot of fun, so what do you do outside of music, how do you unwind?

A: Its fun!!! Everything I do really revolves around the music business. To unwind i read… a lot.

Q: What’s your message to any Zimbabwean who wants to pursue music full time?

A: Music is a business. What your mind can conceive it can achieve. You just need the right work ethic , determination and endurance to see yourself through.

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