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Virginity Test A Must For Indonesian Female Military And Police Recruits

Virginity testing has become an obligation for the female military and police recruits in Indonesia. The recruits age is between eighteen and twenty just after finishing high school.

virginity test

According to the armed forces chief general this is matter of national security. ” If it is not restricted this way, then someone with bad habits will become a military personnel, soldiers are a nation’s defenders. They defend a nation’s sovereignty, a country’s territory and security” he said.

The Human Rights Watch in the country say this has been used for years on the fiances of military officers upon marriage in the air force, army and the navy. The HRW has called the act “primitive, unscientific and bonkers”.

Human Rights Watch and World Health Organization are both against it with HRW saying the tests are discriminating and have no bearing on a woman’s ability to perform her job. WHO has also issued a statement saying there is no place for virginity testing and it has no scientific validity.



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