5 Steps To Get Your Girl Back

So if you’ve screwed up the only relationship that has made sense to you and you don’t know how to get that special someone back in your life, we are talking to you. Getting a girl back should be done right because at this point you only have one chance to impress her.

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Follow these steps to get her back for good and thank us later.

1. Take time apart and focus on yourself

After breaking up make sure you don’t contact her for at least two weeks, allow yourself and her to be less emotional about the break-up. Enjoy being single and evaluate on whether you want her back or not.

2. Understand

You got to have an idea of the reason why you broke or she won’t take you back. Think long and hard what was she saying before the break-up, the reason behind the break-up, chances are she threw some hints of what she wanted from you before throwing in the towel.

3. Reach Out

Get back in touch but keep the message light and playful. Don’t say the “we need to talk” or “I want you back” talk. Show her the fun side.

4. Keep It Casual

First meeting after break-up try keep it casual, meet during the day in public over coffee or lunch like good old friends would.

5. The Kill

After several casual meet-ups, if you still want to get back with her tell her what you’ve realizedabout the break up. Show maturity.

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