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Makhosi Interview

She first came to our attention when she appeared on the reality show Big Brother, the UK version. Ever since she’s never looked back, she has made herself a name in the Zimbabwe entertainment industry with a successful talk show, Makosi Today.


We spoke to her about being part of Big Brother twice, inspiration and beauty in the entertainment industry, check it out.

Q: How would you best describe Makhosi?

A: I’m often mistaken for an extrovert but in actual fact I’m an introvert! Preferring to spend more time in solitude than in the company of people

Q: What inspired the Makhosi Today Show?

A: Makosi today is show aiming to change the face of Africa one story at a time! Having lived in both the West (14 years) and in Africa I feel our story is highly edited to poverty sickness and corruption but there is more to Africa than that.

Q: What do you aim to achieve with the show?

A: With the show my team and myself hope to put back the crown on the African child.

Q: What made you want to enter Big Brother U.K house for the 2nd time?

A: Well wanting to enter big brother is not enough for one to enter! Especially the second time…it’s a paid invitation.


Q: You are now in your 30’s, how do you keep such an amazing body as if you were 21?

A: I workout for so many reasons first one being I relax better after I have exhausted myself haha, second I was a cardiac nurse and I’ve always known the importance of fitness, three… you can change your DNA by changing your lifestyle. Things like genetic diabetes hypertension and so forth fall off with 30 minutes exercise 5 times a week…it doesn’t have to be the gym it can be a walk in the park…four the hound are becoming more and more obese which is alarming! I work out to inspire them thus preserve them.

Q: Having worked in the U.K entertainment industry, what do you think needs to be done to help bring our local entertainment scene to that level?

A: Local entertainers are caged! They need the freedom to entertain…you know entertainers in Africa tend to be used for so many examples! People love it when they are embarrassed so they are not free to channel their gifts well! They are not paid well however you should not entertain to be paid but the incentive is motivation! On their part they entertain as a hobby they don’t look at their talent as a vocation that’s why they practice less and turn up at events drunk! Until your talent becomes a job you won’t be paid well for its! So it’s a lot of things really! My brother invited me to a gig in Harare I was disappointed when the artists turned up wasted! Won’t mention his name not necessary! However having said that, there is so much talent in Zimbabwe

Q: Will you ever look for a nursing job again?

A: Once a nurse always a nurse! My family and those close to me will tell you! I believe in progression not regression so to answer your question, no I might not ever look for a nursing job but the vision is to build hospitals! I will still be saving lives like I do when I inspire people to work out.

Q: How has meeting and interviewing inspirational people changed your outlook on life?

A: Every interview changes my life! It expands my mind! Knowledge is power! There are certain things which when you learn you can never be the same person again! I’ve interviewed South Africans, Nigerians, Zimbabweans, Ghanians, English and so forth by God’s grace and it’s eye opening!

Q: What’s your reason for getting out of bed every day?

A: I get out of bed every morning because God put me here for a purpose which is not staying bed for longer than necessary.

Q: What has been your biggest achievement yet?

A: Biggest achievement is yet to come…we never stop growing! I don’t like celebrating past glories! I don’t live in the past. As it comes for me! It literally goes baby.

Q:Who would you rather be on a date with: a hot guy, a charming one or a sweet man?

A: Date lol! All the above! I’m saposexual so they have to be disturbingly intelligent! PhDs and all.

Q: Let’s say you weren’t aging so well, would you consider surgery to make yourself look younger?

A: I will age well but for the purpose of the question you never know, maybe a lift here and a lift there but no bums and Boobs! It’s crazy how it hounds girls, they want those things bigger today.

Q: Sex change has been a major topic since the occurrence of Caitlyn Jenner in the media, what’s your take on the issue?

A: In the sex change issue I have no take o! If we believe God is the ultimate creator, is it right to give the impression that He made a mistake to make use who He made us or the way He made us? Back to you…

Q: Who is your Zim celeb crush?

A: He is not a celebrity and I’m past crushes but Robert Mugabe jnr is a hottie.


Q: What do you do for fun?

A: For fun I snuggle up in bed and go between watching TV and reading a book.

Q: What do you look for in a life partner?

What do I look for in a life partner? A PHD!!!!!

Q: What are your top 3 favorite places to hang out in Harare?

A: In Harare I like my mom’s house, connections and royal golf club.

Q: Top 5 songs on your playlist?

A: Playlist: Lucky Dube Ding Dong, Lucky Dube Don’t Cry, Lucky Dube Slave, Lucky Dube Back to my Roots,Lucky Dube Raggae Song…and more Lucky Dube.

Q: What advice would you give to a 21 year old girl who has dreams of being in the Big Brother House?

A: Well if your don’t want your surname to be big brother then don’t do it! I’m tired of people calling me Makosi from big brother! I won’t waste my time stopping her because at 21 you simply will eventually do whatever you want to do! Hahaha I can only say ‘kura uone’.

Q: Any words of wisdom to the youth of Zimbabwe?

A: Zimbabwe needs you! Be the best of who God created you to be! When you grow up you will find God and love God but my prayer for you it you find Him now!

Q: Where can your fans reach you?

Twitter instagram facebook and

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