5 Benefits Of Vocational Education And Training In Zimbabwe

Skill development plays a big role in the prosperity of a country. Vocational training used to be viewed as the only acceptable way for young people who were not academics but now because of the situation in our country it can help anyone with the skills they require to get employed.

vocational training

Vocational training is beneficiary not only to individuals but also employers because it increases the level of productivity. Here are five benefits of having vocational training in Zimbabwe.

1. Practical Skills

Vocational training offers students the skills they need for a job more than academic courses do. When students finish their training they are prepared and ready to excel in their new employment.

2. Passion

Some students go to University without a clear vision of what they want to do, there’s more chance for students to learn the skills they are passionate about or discover exactly what they are good at and will better excel in.

3. Time

Vocational training programs normally don’t take more than two years to complete. They also have flexible schedules which accommodates people with other commitments. It’s a quicker way to get the skills that will assist in getting a job.

4. Costs and Services

Vocational training is more affordable than University and their small school environment means more personalized student services.

5. Increases Employability

Not only does vocational training increase individual’s employability, the skills development gives people career progression and promotion opportunities.

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