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Uebert Angel Distances Himself From The “Miracle Doll”

Zimbabwean born, UK based Prophet Uebert Angel and his church The Good News Church have distanced themselves from a “miracle doll” which is said to be a replica of the Prophet.


Angel has denied being part of or knowing about the doll. In an official statement posted on their Facebook page, his representative says, “To clear the air so the public does not get deceived we put it out there, that The Good News Church, does not sell mediums or anything of that sort to its members”.

“In that light, Spirit Embassy (The GoodNews Church) refutes any allegations with the contempt they deserve and we further express our concern at the continued media attacks on the person Of Uebert Angel as our leader and the unjustified defamation of our church.

We understand however that this is the acrimony our leader, Uebert Angel, budgeted for way before the commencement of this ministry. We also understand that a lie runs faster than the truth but the truth always endures the marathon!”

Christian rapper MudiwaHood who is close to Uebert Angel defended his spiritual father on twitter saying, “This annointed doll rumour is jus stupidity gone on rampage,in Spirit Embassy we dont have any dolls, its unfair to accuse Prophet of such. Prophet has no annointed dolls or anything like that, why fabricate false stories? pure madness…this is work of the devil”.

Not only Mudiwa but many of the Prophet’s following have come to his defense rubbishing the false claims.

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