Opportunity For Zimbabwean Youth : Unilever Africa Idea Trophy Student Business Competition 2016

Opportunity For Zimbabwean Youth : Unilever Africa Idea Trophy Student Business Competition 2016

Ideas for Africa

As Africa’s top employer, our search for young talent is never-ending. It’s how we discover big business ideas that help us grow sustainably. And grow we do! So make your move by downloading the UAIT brief, read it and get your advert idea ready for submission. It could be your first step towards your life at Unilever. (You have the option of entering on your own, or as a team of 3.)

We all start somewhere

Is your heart racing yet? Ours is, and yours should be too. You’re about to enter Ideas for Africa. The competition that could change your life. So whether you are entering on your own or as a group, from the same University, fill in your contact details. Make sure that your group Team leader enters on behalf of your group, and submits this excel spreadsheet with the rest of your group’s details. And remember: a good first impression changes everything.

Reading between the lines

Unilever products are used worldwide; in 190 countries, by 2 billion people. Which has taught us quite a bit, such as the power of common threads. In the right hands they tie us together and turn amazing ideas into products. Just like the info we need from you here.


Finding a connection

The key to a good game plan is to put the people you’re thinking about and for, first. So they can relate to all you say and do. This allows you to make a connection with them, too strong to ignore.

What’s your idea?

From what we can see you’re the perfect fit! Now we need to see you in action, so download the brief and get cracking on your advert idea. In a maximum of 250 words, produce a creative, powerful and inspiring idea for an advert that explores the need for physical closeness. When you’re ready to submit your idea, upload it to the text box. Please note: all team leaders must upload this excel spreadsheet of their teammates’ details, in the submission box.

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