Turning Tables: How To Make A Girl You Like To Approach You

Being a man often means that you have to make a move first. In Movies, songs and novels man are portrayed as approachers and women as passive recipients of male advances. And we have discovered endless ways of providing men with strategic tips for talking to women. Check out five ways to make her approach you instead of you approaching her below!!!


1. Dress Well

Always look your best whenever you are going to see her thats the simplest way to grab her attention. Make sure that you always dress to kill, you don’t necessarily have to wear expensive suits or shell out for designer labels.The main point  is to develop a sense of style that gives a small insight into your personality and approach to life, so she’s got some indication of what you’re like before you start a conversation.

2.  Give Her An Opening

Always be open with her ask obvious questions that will make her feel comfortable to tell you more about herself .This gives her an easy opening and spares her agonizing over the best way to approach you, reducing the likelihood that she won’t bother at all.

3. Be Well-Groomed

If you want women to be attracted to you, let alone approach you, you must be well-groomed.

4. Smell Good

Smelling good is a key way to attract women. Having good personal hygiene is a must and you should always at least be smelling clean

5. Be Nice To People

Women dont usually like men who  are rude to service workers and in general, having a positive and pleasant attitude towards those around you will vastly increase your chances of being approached.


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