Not Sure If Your Date’s Going Well? Just Look For These 10 Signs

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where you stand after a first date. You were probably so busy worrying about yourself and trying not to make a fool of yourself that you forgot to pay attention to the signs she was giving you. There is a lot you can learn from reflecting on your first date experience, and it will give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you should expect a second date, should you decide to ask for one.


If you can check off most of the boxes on this list, you can pretty safely bet she’s into you at least enough to secure a second date.

1. Pre-Date Signs

The things that happened leading up to the date can tell you a lot about how interested she was in the date in the first place. Did she show up on time? Did she reschedule it? When she first agreed to the date her outlook on it could have been anywhere from reluctant acceptance to delightful anticipation. Reflect on these things and use that information to build a bigger picture. If every other part of the date seemed to go south, you might want to look all the way back to the beginning to see if there were any red flags before you two even started your first date.

2. It Started Well

When you guys first met and said your hellos, was there a connection right away? Did you feel comfortable pretty quickly or was it awkward for most of the night? Did it feel like she was trying to make it go smoother or did you have to do all the work? If she wasn’t feeling it, she probably didn’t ask you too many questions, and didn’t try all that hard to lead the discussion anywhere. The early part of the date can be a good indicator, but even if things were a bit stale then, there’s still always the chance that things turned around later.

3.You Had A Lot In Common

Finding common ground is definitely a great early sign that you first date hacks are working. It could be as simple as your favorite brand of breakfast cereal growing up or your unreasonable obsession with comic books. It shows that you were both comfortable enough to open up and share your interests, which can be challenging when you are just meeting someone. You don’t know how they’re going to react to your interests, so if everything goes smoothly here, this is a great sign.

4. Deep Conversation

If a date is going well, you two are definitely going to have more engaging than average conversation. If you spent the whole date talking about both of your jobs and how the weather was last weekend, you probably didn’t hit it off. When you’re on a good date, you tend to get lost in the conversation, and before you know it the time has flown by. If every step of the way it felt like you were desperately trying to dig for something to talk about, it probably didn’t go that well. Did you have any conversations worth continuing? You probably had a decent date then. If not, these first date conversation tips might help in the future,

5. You Had Her Attention

If she was enjoying the date, you had her attention. How much, if at all, did she use her phone in front of you during the date? If she was sitting there texting back and forth with her friends while you were together, that’s a bad sign. If she was into the date, she would have avoided her phone. Remember — she’s just as worried about how’s she’s coming off to you as you are to her. If she couldn’t look away the whole evening and it made you feel like the most interesting man in the world, you had a successful first date.

6. Her Body Language

Her body language will speak volumes about her interest in the date as it progressed. Some positive signs to look for are things like: good eye contact, leaning in when you speak, open posture and laughing when you speak. These are some really basic and really simple things to look for. The rest of it is going to depend a lot on the specific girl you took on the date, and also the venue. If she wanted to impress you and you took her to a nice restaurant, there’s a good chance she tried to look extra nice. Most of the things you can learn about your date from body language alone has a lot more to do with how she changed her behavior than the behavior itself. Nonetheless, if you notice any of the more obvious, difficult-to-confuse positive body-language signals from her, you probably won’t be wrong in assuming your first date was a success.

7. She Remembered The Little Things

One of the things guys should do when they’re trying to make the right moves with a girl is to pay attention to the little things she says and, at some point, subtly let on to the fact that you were paying attention. The same is also true when the tables are turned. If she was into you when she was on the date she likely paid a lot more attention to the little details, and also asked a lot more questions than she would have if she didn’t really care for you. So, if later on in the date you found that she remembered details that you mentioned very casually in passing, that’s definitely a sign that the date went well. If the date was going well, chances are you guys walked away with a bunch of inside jokes from just that night alone. If you find her laughing about things that happened during the date later on, especially if they weren’t really that funny, she definitely had a good time on the date, and you can safely mark it as a success.

8. It Went On Longer Than Expected

If you want to know if your first date was a success or not, take a look at how long it went on. When dinner, or whatever the first part of your date ended, did you two call it a night? Did you ask her to go somewhere else? Did she say yes or no? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Sure, there is always the chance that she had a good time but really had to do something after and couldn’t extend the date. But if that’s really the case, she would have let you know in advance. If you asked her if she wanted to go grab a few drinks after and she just happened to totally forget about that thing she had to do — she probably didn’t have a good time. But if she did happily accompany you to whatever second venue you guys decided on, that’s definitely a good sign. It means that she at least wanted to see a little more of you and get to know you better.

9. The Goodbye

Chances are if she had a good time, she’s going to be open to or possibly even suggest potential future plans together. Maybe you guys talked about how you both haven’t seen that one movie yet, or dined at that restaurant yet, or there’s a bar that you should both check out. That’s a pretty obvious in for a date in the future, and if any of this type of conversation happened, your date went pretty well. If you went so far as to discuss times that you’re both free next week, we don’t even have to tell you that your date went well. It went very well. You can safely exit this article, because the question is already answered for you. Don’t necessarily look into the words that she says at the very end of the date too much, because in many cases, they’ll sound pretty similar, whether she had a good time or not. If you say your goodbyes and she had a good time, she’ll probably say something like ”Hey, that was a fun, I had a good time.” Meanwhile, if she just wants to get rid of you, she’ll probably say something like ”Hey, that was fun, I had a good time.” One key thing to look for is if she really had a good time, and she suggests future plans, she is definitely telling the truth. No girl who had a bad time is going to try to lock down plans for round two.

10. The Follow Up

Generally speaking, once the date ends and you parted ways, chances are you told her something along the lines of ”Text me when you get home to let me know you’re safe,” or something to that effect. If she had a good time, there’s a good chance she’ll end up texting back and forth with you for a little while afterwards. Here’s a point where she might bring up one of those cheesy inside jokes that, let’s be honest, wasn’t really funny for anyone but you two and in the very specific context of your date. If she does, though, that’s a good sign. She likes you, and you should make the second date just as hot. If communication drops off entirely once you part ways, sorry to say, there’s a good chance she didn’t really have that good of a time and was just trying to save face and not make things awkward.


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