The 5 Most Common First Date Deal Breakers Aren’t What You’d Think

A first date is a minefield. And while we all know the basics be on time and  don’t mention the ex, every proverbial step taken could send the date crashing to its end. The good news, studies revealed that being a bad kisser isn’t one of them (only 4% of those surveyed said it was). So go ahead and slobber away – just don’t take out the selfie stick.

Deal Breakers

1. Adding your date on Facebook

The least offensive deal breaker? Adding your date on Facebook right away. Nearly 21% of singles would be put off of a second date with someone who immediately added them on social media. Wait before sending that friend request.

2. Listening intently to your dates stories

Contrary to the popular belief that being a good listener is important, 76% of singles would rather their date spoke too much on the first meeting than listening intently like a Stasi interrogator giving you the silent treatment. Before you think that gets you entirely off the hook, however, we’d imagine the ‘good listener’ trait becomes more important as a relationship progresses, while on a first date talking too much definitely trumps one awkward silence after another.

3. Getting out your selfie stick during dinner

Selfies might just be an even bigger first date sin than not offering to split the bill. If it’s not appropriate to add your date on Facebook right away, why document the evening with a photo of the two of you together? In fact, maybe just forget you’ve got a phone with you all together.

4. Being smelly is worse than being late

The enduring dilemma: to shower or to run 10 minutes late? It’d be the latter! While we hope you wouldn’t forget to shower beforehand, even if you’re running late, make sure that clean feeling extends well beyond your flat. Rather than working up a sweat rushing to your meeting spot, take a few minutes longer. Your date is more likely to forgive your lateness than your bad B.O.

5. Inviting your date for a slap-up dinner

Turns out, a coffee date is absolutely fine. High fives all around. 82% of singles prefer more casual dates; inviting your date out for a coffee is the much safer option than a fancy dinner. And whatever you do, never suggest meeting for the first time at your family dinner, even if you think you can trust grandpa not to pinch her bum. 81% of singles said this would be the worse first date offer.



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