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Drake Finally Announces His Relationship With Rihanna

To the delight of absolutely everyone, on Saturday night Drake reportedly announced the only collaboration we truly care about. His relationship with Rihanna.Drake Finally Announces His Relationship With Rihanna .

Drake Finally Announces His Relationship With Rihanna

There had been weeks of speculation as to whether or not the two were back together, but the rapper made it pretty clear during his show at Madison Square Garden. “If you’ve got love for Rihanna in New York City…’cause you know I’ve got love for Rihanna,” he said to the crowd.

Despite both being on separate tours, the power couple have managed to make it work. Drake popped up onstage with Riri during her song “Work” during her Manchester set, and she returned the favor when she joined him for his set at OVO Fest in Toronto.

Maybe it’s not the declaration of love the ‘shippers have been waiting for, but let’s hope this coupling is here to stay.


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