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Flashback Friday: Stylish Celebs As Adorable Kids!

It’s Friday so you know what that means… Flashback Friday is here! Flashback Friday pictures have become a popular staple among Instagram users. From baby pictures to high school flicks to memories from a few years ago, everyone is getting in on the action and sharing some funny yet adorable snaps from the past.

Everyone loves to take a glimpse back at the past, including your favorite celebrities. Stylish stars Napoleon , Pokello, Stunner and Itai Mutinhiri have all taken a stroll down memory lane.

In spirit of Flashback Friday, it is only right we highlight some of our favorite stylish celebs. Check out the following pages to get a glimpse of your favorite fashionistas from their younger days:

1. Pokello


2. Stunner


3. Itai Mutinhiri

#TBT: Itai Shared Never Seen Pics Before

Napoleon Nyanhi


5. MudiwaHood




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