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Check Out: 10 Incredible Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Eggs

Eggs are used to do variety of things, sometimes we use as ingredients, to make hair and skin products and obviously food especially a quick, hearty breakfast. Eggs gives us  essential proteins. Check out these incredible Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Eggs below.

Check Out: 10 Incredible Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Eggs

1. Egg yolks contain a B-complex vitamin called choline, which is essential for the maintenance of brain cells and neuro-transmitters.

2. Want to find out if an egg is hard boiled without cracking the shell? Try spinning it. Any liquid inside will make a raw or partially boiled egg wobbly while a hard-boiled egg will spin smoothly.

3. An egg’s white is a good indication of its age. A fresh egg will have a cloudy white as opposed to the clear whites of older eggs.

4. In order to keep the yolk from sticking to the side, a hen turns her egg nearly 50 times each day.

5. Eggs are a perfect hangover cure. The high level of cysteine, an amino acid, in eggs helps breakdown acetaldehyde, the root cause of hangovers. Eggs also help the body get rid of toxins that build up with binge drinking.

6. Eggs don’t just provide high-quality proteins, they also contain ample antioxidants, vitamins A, B12, D, riboflavin, folate, phosphorous and choline.

7. There are around 7,000 to 17,000 tiny pores on an egg shell that can absorb odors around them. So make sure to put eggs in a carton before storing them in the fridge.

8. Another method to gauge the freshness of an egg is by placing it in a glass of water. A fresh egg will sink, indicating the yolk inside is healthy. However, an old egg will float, indicating a shrinking yolk that allows air to build up.

9. Eggs are not just white and brown. Some are blue, reddish brown and even speckled.

10. Egg whites contain around 57 percent of egg protein.


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