Here are 5 Invaluable Lessons Only A Woman Can Teach You

A person can not know everything in life, there are certain things  which you can only know if someone tells you and we mean everything. For instance if you are a guy and you have a female friend, she can tell you stuff you never knew before from when she finds Mr. Right to tears coming out of places you didn’t know had tear ducts when she’s at her lowest of lows. Here are 5 Invaluable Lessons Only A Woman Can Teach You.

Does Your Girlfriend Possess These 10 Traits? If So, Do Not Let Her Go

1. Being Spontaneous Isn’t Always Endearing 

Your best friend might tell you fairly quickly that women don’t think its cute or charming to text at 7pm saying  what are you doing tonight’ What goes through a woman’s mind is simply, ‘if you like me that much, you would have made plans before now.

2. Being A Man With Male Friends Is So, So Simple

This is compared to the travails of a female friendship group, the dynamics and complexities of which are more complicated than the hundred years war, and about as easily resolvable at times. Men don’t have to deal with this. Be grateful. Be very, very grateful.

 3. Crying Is Actually Useful Sometimes

Ever noticed how much better you feel after a good cry? Of course not. Many people consider it weak so they’d rather get angry. Or mow the lawn very very aggressively. Women teach us that crying is actually a far better way to feel better. Just don’t do it in pubs. The world isn’t yet ready for that.

4. Women Can Hold Their Alcohol Every Bit As Well As You – If Not Better

Women can also drink as much as man can. Never underestimate how much a bad day at work can propel women into an evening of drinking enough booze. Drinking is not a purely male indulgence. Women do it too. They just do it better. And they don’t complain as much about hangovers.

5. Women Can Genuinely Multi-Task In A Way Men Find Inconceivable

We may be generalizing a touch but in our experience, BFFs are extraordinary in terms of giving an insight into the comparative failings of a man’s brain. Men simply cannot do this. And if we did, the result would be a still leaking tap jammed with roast potatoes.

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