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LOL! The 10 Commandments of Casual Dating

One of the many benefits that comes with living in a dating app world is the ability to date ‘casually’. Like friends with benefits, casual dating gives you sex and someone to watch Netflix with, but not have to buy an anniversary present. Although it seems like the perfect set-up, you need to know what you’re doing.


1. Thou shall not kiss them when you’re sober.

Even if you really want to.

2. Thou shall not them see them more than once a week.

Play it cool.

3. Thou shall not hold hands in public.

Pay particular attention to the awkward hand brush.

4. Thou shall not invite them over on a Sunday afternoon when you’re hungover and haven’t had a shower.

Or be in any situation together where you might be wearing joggers.

5. Thou shall not be annoyed if they don’t reply to your texts.

You do not have those rights.

6. Thou shall not have expectations that they want to listen to your boring work problems.

This is what housemates/parents/BFFs are for.

7. Thou shall not give them your Netflix login.

Next thing you know they’ll add Fast And Furious 7 to your playlist.

8. Thou shall not eat spaghetti.

This isn’t Lady and the Tramp.

9. Thou shall not invite them to meet your parents or friends.

Mainly because how do you explain your ‘set up’ to your mum?

10. Thou shall not tell them you love them.

Unless you love your self-esteem being crushed into a million tiny pieces when they ghost

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