Top 5 Things Not To Do When Your Partner Cheats

It’s never easy when one cheats in a relationship, no matter how hard you try to be strong being cheated on hurts. But that doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t worth repairing, a choice that is yours to make whether you want to forgive your partner or not. If you decide to fix your relationship, here are things you need to avoid at all costs below…


1. Don’t blame yourself.

Never blame yourself for someones mistake. You’re not responsible for it, you didn’t “deserve” it, and if your partner crossed lines instead of communicating their needs or breaking off the relationship, that’s on them, not you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to understand those needs and meet them if you want to salvage the relationship.

2. Don’t ignore the infidelity.

You might be tempted to act as if nothing happened because it feels less painful, but if you do, any resentment you have will likely fester, and what’s more, you won’t address the underlying problems in the relationship.

3. Don’t rush the healing process.

Your partner’s betrayal could hurt in the same ways for the same reasons for a long time. Be patient with yourself as you process, and let your partner know that they need to be patient with you too.

4. Don’t try to get “even.”

It might make you feel better momentarily to trash your no-good cheating partner on social media.

5. Don’t bring up the infidelity to “win” unrelated arguments.

You have to be willing to let it go if you want to move on.” This means that when you’re arguing about how you didn’t tell them you’d be out of town with friends all weekend, you don’t insert a “Well, at least I didn’t cheat on you” into the conversation. That’s not to say that if you’re hurting about the infidelity, you shouldn’t bring it up, but acting petty when you know better doesn’t help anyone.



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