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Top 8 Things You Must Know About Winky D’s Gafa Futi Album

 Winky D shared  an extraordinary post on his official fan page this week,  When you think about him, there are several different areas of his life that are well worth evaluating. As a musician, there is nobody in music that has had an impact like Winky D has. His talents extend not only to creating his own content, but he also possesses an outstanding ability to produce music and has worked with countless talented artists in helping them find their own sound.Here are 10 things you might not know about Winky D’s Gafa Futi Album.
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1. The album will be released On Friday 07 October 2016, King of Zimdancehall, Winky D follows the top charting single ”Panorwadza Moyo” with his highly anticipated album titled ”Gafa Futi”.

2. Winky’s  12 track album include the recently introduced singles at live shows ”Bhebhi raMwari”, the viral ”Twenty-Five” and the successful collaboration with Dr Oliver Mtukudzi.

3. The album panorwadza moyo boast the production touch of the award winning producer, Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma of Oskid Productions and Layaan Soljah of Vigilance Music.

4. The album promises new higher intelligence and science to music, as Gafa Chi Extraterrestrial, Winky D’s alter ego explained it, “It is extracted from the universe’s many blackholes, sent through multiple warm holes, decrypted by the earthling encryption key Winky D.

5. Encoded in these files are equations, formulas and answers to the worries of today. Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves and live by the encoded intelligence in the GAFA FUTI audio files.

6. Winky D will premiere the full album live from 10pm -11pm on Thursday 06 October 2016 at ZiFM Stereo – Zi Judgement Yard

7. He will introduce, present context to each song and decrypt the messages encoded.

8. Official album listening parties will be held in Cape Town and London over the subsequent weekend.

Links!: Listen to Winky D’s new album GAFA FUTI

Get The Gafa Futi Album Lyrics here



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