10 Reasons Why People Who Dance Live Longer

Whoever said dancing was for entertainment purposes was clearly mistaken as it has become a major phenomenon especially in the world of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In Zimbabwe we are used to traditional dance and the rigorous movement of the body is clearly beneficial. Let’s take a look at tips on why dancing is beneficial for our health…

10 Reasons Why People Who Dance Live Longer
10 Reasons Why People Who Dance Live Longer
  1. It is intensive cardio workout and this strengthens your heart,
  2. It is as effective as jogging and walking, however you are likely to dance longer.
  3. Dancing has no cardinal rules on the type of music you listen to, listen to your favourite genre and get down on it.
  4. Dancing is a great stress reliever (it has worked for me), the bond note reality has you stressed, put on those dancing shoes and get down on it.
  5. Dancing is effective in weight lost as the more you continually dance, the more chances of your metabolism burning excess calories in the body.
  6. It strengthens muscles in the body
  7. Dancing keeps you fit and is not taxing as regular workouts especially when you enjoy dancing.
  8. Dancing is a convenient form of exercise as you can do it in the comfort of your home and can actually create a dance group with your friends.
  9. Dancing makes you flexible as there are different dance routines you can try out.
  10. The most rewarding reason on dancing is that it makes you happy, yes it does because people who dance are more likely to feel inner joy, peace and happiness. Their bodies are active and their minds are alert. To many people happiness may not normally be considered a health benefit, but unhappy people tend to become ill more often and remain ill longer.

By Dalphine Tagwireyi

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