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SMH!! Models Tinovimbika Ngarande and Gucci’s Mahmah Air Each Other Dirty Laundry On Social Media

Models Tinovimbika Ngarande and Gucci’s Mahmah Air Each Other Dirty Laundry On Social Media!!. It seems the beginning of 2017 in the Zimbabwe entertainment industry has  surely  put artists and socialites on a trailblazing mode of fights. Whilst others were busy fasting and praying, controversial model Jackie Tinovimbika Ngarande and Gucci’s Mahmah were involved in a spat on Facebook yesterday which prompted Jackie to post a lengthy insult provoked post which she later took down.

In the post Jackie who calls herself the diamond girl said that she is taking time to get off her throne and address peasants like Gucci’s Mahmah who is allegedly rumoured to have been spreading malicious gossip about Jackie. She (Jackie) posted seemingly infuriated that Gucci’s Mahmah goes around telling people that she is allegedly a prostitute, she posted ‘At least ndirihure asi im not married and siya ndihure fani, iwewe unohura wani uripamurume.

Not to be outdone before deleting her facebook account, Gucci’s Mahmah ranted on Jackie being a thief and said she won’t waste her breath on a loser. Eish mbavha dzinonetsa…wakosheik…ndakambo kutsura nyaya yekutaura zita rangu handitambe newe, handitambe nevanhu vanohurira mari yerent…tigarireyi pasi tisati tadzika nemi…

Though Jackie took down her post because she claims sense had been knocked into her by Tazvi Mhaka, she said that she won’t be a victim of negativity and toxic people, and if anyone wants to name and shame her they should be 110% clean (whatever that means) SMH…

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