5 Reasons Why A Call Is Better Than An Email

In this age of technology many businesses have become accustomed to sending emails as opposed to phone calls. Emails are considered a professional way of interaction between businesses and their clients and vice versa. However there are times when telephone calls are a better and more effective communication channel than emails. The top 5 reasons why a call is better than an email are:

5 Reasons Why A Call Is Better Than An Email
5 Reasons Why A Call Is Better Than An Email













1. Issues dealt with faster

Most businesses receive a number of emails and if your email is urgent it might be overlooked. For pressing matters, opt to make a phone call.

2. For clarification

Phone calls leave room to keep things within context and clear misunderstandings. By making a phone call you can deal with complicated, technical, or sensitive matters in a way that will not be misconstrued.

3. When you need to have a full conversation

There are some subjects that require a proper one-on-one conversation. A conversation in your email will create lengthy strings which are unnecessary hence you are better off just calling.

4. When you need to apologize

When mistakes have been made or issues left unattended and people are dissatisfied it’s important to apologize. Phone calls carry more weight when apologizing because hearing the words ‘I’m sorry’ can show sincerity.

5. Relationships

Emails tend to be inanimate and impersonal as written words sometimes don’t no emotion or expression. Phoning your network and contacts can prove much more effective in terms of relationship building. Telephone calls offer you the opportunity to build stronger relationships and remain in closer contact with your business contacts.




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