5 Signs You Are Getting Old

Getting old is often far from our young minds as we proudly sing songs about being forever young and indulging in youthful behaviour. There is that though that there is still two or three decades before I am considered old, right?

5 Signs You Are Getting Old
5 Signs You Are Getting Old













If you have heard of the term old soul, then it could possibly apply to a young person inclined to golden oldies. However the aging process just might be kicking inn faster than you thought.

Below are 5 signs that you are actually getting old:

1. The rules of engagement change

When you are young you date for the looks or how popular or the family wealth status. It doesn’t matter what your crush likes or if they have long term goals, all you want to do is be with them. Fast forward to today, you consider all the above as trivial. You want to date somebody with essence, a person who challenges you. The moment you start picking dates and partners because of their mind and soul, yes you a growing old…er!

2. Your lingo

The urban dictionary was created by the millennial generation but slang words a as old as time. In today’s urban language you should be using words like ‘on fleek’ and texting in abbreviation. If you find yourself making 90s referrals in your language…well…

3. You are too conscious

When you are young you tend to be reckless and could care less. You live for the moment and act on impulse. The moment you begin pondering upon the consequences of your actions please do dial 911 to your youth. Remember ‘you only live once’!

4. You become Cinderella

In our childhood we heard or read about the fictional character Cinderella who managed to go to the ball to meet the prince. The fine print though was that she had to return home before midnight so that her evil stepmother wouldn’t find out. You go out with your friends and then realise that it’s 11:49 pm and say, “Guys, it’s past my bedtime. I need to go home.” Unless you live in an old age home…11:49 pm is still daytime.

5. Your dressing

You are choosing comfort over trends. You tuck in your shirts or wearing more conservative dresses. You think that pants shouldn’t sag; cleavage should be covered, at this rate you sound like your parents.

It’s important to have focus and vision for your life but live a little. It’s actually healthy for your body and mind to enjoy the days of your youth. Again remember, ‘you live only once’ and that should be your motto.



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