5 Things You Learned in School that Don’t Apply in the Real World

It is a common notion that we all go to school to learn things that we can apply in the real world.

5 Things You Learned in School that Don’t Apply in the Real World
5 Things You Learned in School that Don’t Apply in the Real World











The aim of education is to give skills to advance to the next level in life. Education starts from pre-school up to university level. All that is taught is aimed to be applied in the real world including work and during our adult social lives.

Most people have been told that if they apply their education in the ‘real world’, they would be successful, happy and rich.

What most have learnt though is that sometimes what we learn in school isn’t always realistic in practice.

1.There is no room for failure

Remember what a hard time that you gave yourself when you failed a test or at sports? You were told that if you failed you wouldn’t succeed. The real world teaches that failure is often necessary if you want to succeed.


2. You must work for other people

To be employed by other entities or systems is not a bad thing. In fact developed employment structures guarantee a steady income at the end of every month. However as most have come to learn sometimes you have to become your own boss.

3. Education only happens in the classroom

Thanks to the History channel, google and YouTube education is everywhere.

4. Co-operative work doesn’t result in individual success

Each to himself was always the lesson if you wanted to get a good grade. In the real world, however, you can’t accomplish much on your own.

5. There’s always a right answer

1+1 equals to two, fair and fine. But even at high school and university level there’s an extent where one answer is good enough. In life you can adopt numerous approaches to the same problem.


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