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Make a Good First Impression In 7 Ways

Making a good first impression when meeting people for the first time is very important. Perceptions are part of life and you really want to make sure that the people you meet see you for who you are.

Make a Good First Impression In 7 Ways

Make a Good First Impression In 7 Ways













Whether it’s a job interview, or a meeting with a new business contact you need to make sure that you are impressive and memorable.
Here are a few of insights on how to make a good first impression:

1.  Dress to impress

Be well groomed by looking polished, professional, and not overdone in your appearance.

2. Be intentional

Set a goal what image you hope to project when meeting people for the first time.

3. Etiquette

Let them talk rst to help you gain their trust.

4. Eye Contact

Make eye contact which will make you seem intelligent

5. Speak confidently

Pay attention to how fast you’re speaking (and watch your ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’)

6. Reveal your true colours

Reveal your imperfections which will give you human qualities which often attracts people even more

7. Meet in person

Always meet people in person for the first time because it gives you advantage as you can assess their responses towards you. With the tips stated above you are able to check the person’s body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. Those are signs that can indicate if you have made an impression either good or bad on them.