5 Things In Your Bedroom that Make You Sick

The bedroom is the most important spaces for any human being. It’s a person’s private space where they change clothes, relax and sleep. It’s the most comfortable place that anybody can be in. Your bedroom can however be the worst place for you as it makes you sick. Below are 5 things in your bedroom that can make you sick.

5 Things In Your Bedroom that Make You Sick

5 Things In Your Bedroom that Make You Sick

1. Pillow

After a long day all that you want to do is lay down your head on your pillow. Pillows provide a comfort for the neck and shoulders. Your pillow does however build up dirt and bacteria. This causes allergies, respiratory problems and even skin conditions such as acne. If your pillow loses shape it can also cause headaches, neck and shoulder pains. Change and wash your pillowcase after every few days. If your pillow is washable, wash the cover. Change your pillow once per year opting for a good foam pillow.

2. Carpet

Your carpet especially fitted provides a soft and warm place for your feet. The problem is that your carpet also harbours a lot of dirt, animal dander, dust and pollen. Vacuum your carpet weekly and shampoo it every month. If it’s not fitted take it out regularly. For those with allergies opt for a wooden or tile floor which is easy to clean.

3. Matress

Your matress is the most important part of your bed as it provides that place of rest. The challenge is that it also keeps dirt and in time sags. This causes allergies and general body pain. Take your mattress outside weekly for air and sunshine. The sun will destroy dust mites and other bacteria while the air will refresh the mattress. Replace your mattress every 5 to 10 years to avoid body pain due to sagging.

4. Cleaning products

Some people love the smell of ammonia and bleach. It gives the comfort that the house is spick and span however the chemicals in those detergents can be very harmful. They cause skin and eye irritation, respiratory problems and even headaches. Opt for natural cleaning products such as vinegar, lemon or sand for scouring and scrubbing.

5. Candles

With issues of power cuts candles are almost a total necessity. Or maybe you’ve planned a romantic gesture and you choose to light up candles. Harmful chemicals such as benzene are released by paraffin candles when they burn. If you are going to use candles choose beeswax or open windows whilst the candle burns. For those power cuts you can opt for solar charged lamps.



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