5 Ways To Live Rich On A Budget

Who says that you can’t live rich on a budget? You have been working hard and deserve to reward yourself a bit. Or maybe you have an impression that you are trying to make. Most things for the ordinary pocket seem far fetched so don’t live a certain lifestyle. Here are five ways that you can live and look rich on a budget.

5 Ways To Live Rich On A Budget
5 Ways To Live Rich On A Budget

1. Take a first class trip

Who says that you can’t travel in style on a budget? You can travel out of season and take advantage of specials. You can also optimize on travel packages which often include flight and accommodation. You can buy your tickets in advance  and get a discount.

2. Dine like royalty

Eat at an upmarket restaurant without breaking your bank. A smart way to eat is to have two starters instead of a first and second course meal. Starters often have a better range than main courses. Ask the wine steward to recommend a cheaper wine that’s from a lesser known region. As long as the wine sounds exotic, it will sound expensive…so you can put that on the gram.

3. Dress like designers love you

Want something new and unique? Give your old clothes a make over by dying into another colour, or add new designs such as studs, buttons or bows.  You can also cut off sleeves or add them, whatever you do, be creative. You can also shop from thrift stores or vintage stores where you will get one of a kind clothes. Remember style is not about who you are wearing but how you wear it.v

4. Get into shape

Work out the body that works. Get into shape by taking advantage of your natural surroundings. Take a walk or jog around your neighbourhood. Need the assistance of some gym equipment? Take advantage of some of the older ranges or stock of gym equipment. You will get those dumbbells or weights at a much cheaper price. Or if you really want to fancy, then get yourself a personal trainer. Spread out your training sessions so that you can stay within budget.

5. Get pampered

Spoil yourself because you deserve it. You can volunteer to be a beauty student’s assessment subject. This is an inexpensive way to get a massage, or hair, nails or make up done. You can also take advantage of discounts at salon’s and parlour to get te best treatment for less.



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