Declutter Your Mind to Study Better

The pressures of school, studying and life in general can affect your mind in a great way. You are getting to a point where you forget. At times you are absent minded because you can’t focus. This is actually clutter of the min as too much information can lead to lack of concentration. To be honest the mind isn’t capable of multi tasking. Maybe it’s time that your mind like a file cabinet, you put your files in order. Below are methods of decluttering your mind so that you can study.

Declutter Your Mind to Study Better
Declutter Your Mind to Study Better

1. Be strict with your mind

Get rid of unnecessary thoughts such a worry, fears and anxieties. If your worries do not lead to positive action then forget about them.

2. Filter your mind

Because  you are only human you can’t control every thought. You can however control your reaction to your thoughts. This is how you filter your thoughts. Look at what you have to do at that particular time instead of what your worry.

3. Focus

Focus on the here and now of what you are doing. Pay close attention to where you put things, what you are writing or reading. This eventually becomes a habit that can help you recall things better.

4. Relax

Do things that are outside your daily activities. Push the books aside and indulge in some cooking, or dance class and even just being outside. What you are doing is clearing your head and regrouping.

5. Think young

Stop worrying about trivial things and instead have a child like curiosity. Thinking young means innocence and living in the moment.

6. Exercise

Exercising is not only good for your body but it improves your mental capacity. Some individuals who exercise have expressed that working out is a good outlet for worry and stress.

7. Feed your mind

And we are not talking about knowledge. Your diet helps for your brain function. Fish is known to be good brain food while wholemeal bread and fruits provide the required nutrients for the brain.

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