Global Good Fund 2017/2018 Fellowships for young Social Entrepreneurs

The Global Good Fund accelerates the leadership of social entrepreneurs around the world. Through the Fellowship program, The Global Good Fund invests in the human capital of high potential leaders committed to tackling some of today’s greatest social challenges. The result is empowered leaders who scale their social enterprises and ultimately deliver sustainable social impact. We believe growing leaders is the most effective strategy for solving complex social problems and achieving global good.

Global Good Fund 2017/2018 Fellowships for young Social Entrepreneurs
Global Good Fund 2017/2018 Fellowships for young Social Entrepreneurs















Following a rigorous five-stage process, selected Global Good Fund Fellows to embark on a structured 15-month journey of experiential learning, executive mentoring and that leverages proprietary leadership development tools and methods honed since 2012. At the core is The Global Good Fund 360 MIRROR – the first evidence-based leadership assessment created specifically for social entrepreneurs. Our proven leadership development tools and services are also available to individuals, social enterprise organisations, NPO’s and impact-driven corporations.
The Global Good Fund Fellowship is a 12-month program supporting the leadership development of young social entrepreneurs across the globe. The Global Good Fund develops these innovators by pairing them with executives who serve as Mentors, and by providing leadership assessment resources, a network of peers, sector expertise, and targeted financial capital.


In order to be considered for the fellowship, candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Enterprise that the candidate leads is at least one-year old
  • Enterprise must have at least one full-time employee in addition to the candidate
  • Candidate is committed full‐time to running his/her enterprise
  • Candidate is under 40 years of age (if 40 or older, explain rationale for joining fellowship)
  • Candidate should not be currently receiving formal coaching/mentoring support
  • The candidate has to be in a position where s/he has decision making power


  • Targeted Funds
  • Each Fellow receives a leadership development grant of up to $10,000. These funds are used explicitly for LDP implementation and leadership development with a special focus on experiential learning.
  • Annual Summit
  • Fellows participate in an annual Global Good Fund Summit each spring.

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2017

For more information on how to apply follow the link here.



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