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How to Sleep Comfortably

How to Sleep Comfortably

Sleeping comfortably is very important for an individual to be able to revitalize and stay fit. Lack of proper sleep contributes to tiredness and body ache. The position that you sleep in will determine your comfort and health.

How to Sleep Comfortably

How to Sleep Comfortably

Certain positions such as the foetal position, increases spinal stress. The worst position to sleep in is on your stomach, as it puts undue stress on your neck, mid back and hips.

Below is the best position to help you sleep comfortably.

1. Sleep on your side with knees slightly bent.
2. Place a cushion between your knees slightly bent.
3. Placed a pillow under your neck but ensure that it’s not too high.
4. Your head and the rest of your spine should be in line with one another.
5. Support your neck with a small but firm pillow under the curve of the neck.