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Stunner Promotes ‘No To Domestic Violence’ Track ‘Ndoenda’

After having a crazy start to 2017, Stunner promotes his next single ‘Ndoenda’ which is a ‘no to domestic violence’ track.

Stunner Promotes 'No Domestic Violence' Track 'Ndoenda'
Stunner Promotes ‘No To Domestic Violence’ Track ‘Ndoenda’













The controversial rapper shared on his social media that he has a new single on his Vevo page. Click on the link in the description and one views Stunner and comedian Gonyeti. In the trailer for the Tazoita Cash boss, Stunner and Gonyeti share their sentiments about domestic violence.

Stunner shares that men shouldn’t lay their hands on their partners but instead be affectionate.

A snippet of the song ‘Ndoenda’ which features Guspy Warrior plays in the background until fade.

Stunner began his year with his private life being exposed online by now ex-wife Olinda Chapel. The two had a back and forth, on and off, until they agreed to go their separate ways. Both Stunner and Olinda were interviewed by Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa on her Facebook live show ‘Ruvheneko’. The interviews were bothe meant to explain to the rest of Zimbabwe wean who watched the drama unfold on social media. The two were recently spotted shopping in the UK during Stunner’s recent visit.

We don’t know what to make of that but Stunner does reassure fans that he doesn’t lay his hands on someone that he loves.

Watch the promotional trailer for ‘Ndoenda’ and share your thoughts.



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