Work 9 to 5 And Get Promoted

Adding extra hours of work to your 9 to 5 May increase your chances of getting that promotion. Extra hours show commitment to the job but how well are you doing the job? It’s better to work smart to get ahead that hard. Follow the easy tips to leaving work early but still get promoted.

Work 9 to 5 And Get Promoted
Work 9 to 5 And Get Promoted

1.  Do one thing at a time

Focus on one thing and complete the task at hand. Don’t try to be a super hero and do too many things at one goal. You will find that you will get more done in less time. On top of that you will provide quality work which will impress your boss.

2. Don’t spend too much time on emails

Schedule your emails and check on them every two to three hours. Categorise your emails making sure that the extremely important ones are attended to. Don’t e-mail colleagues within the office or workplace. Head over to their desk or office to save time.

3. Have a life outside work

By having a social life you will be prompted to work within normal working hours. Always mention to colleagues that you are leaving on time. This avoids awkwardness when you are the only one heading for the door. Just make sure that all your work for the day is complete on time.

4. Inform your boss that you are working hard

It’s not snitching or being a goody-goody when you are updating your boss of your achievements. In a way you are justifying you leaving on time. You are also increasing your chances of getting that promotion as your boss is made aware of your achievements.



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