10 Back To School Tips for a Successful Term

It’s back to school for most students and getting back into school mode might be challenging. It’s a new term and you want to make the most of it. From achieving steady grades to excelling in the end of term examinations, you want to achieve the most.

10 Back To School Tips for a Successful Term
10 Back To School Tips for a Successful Term

1. Create the right working environment by having a clutter free study space and nice stationery that inspires you.

2.Learn to discipline yourself by turning off your phone during study time.

3. Keep your notes organised by having a folder for each of the subjects you are studying.

4. Keep a ‘to-do’ list that can help you meet assignment or homework deadlines.

5. Stop procrastinating and leave everything until the last minute.

6. Have a positive mental attitude towards your teacher, subjects and school in general.

7. Join study groups with other students in your classes.

8. Train your brain to study at a consistent time which eventually becomes a good study habit.

9. Take breaks and rest so as to help revitalize yourself.

10. Reward yourself for every good grade that you achieve to keep you motivated.



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