5 People You Shouldn’t Be Friendzoning

In the complex dating pool, you find a lot of people complaining about being ‘friendzoned’. These are the same people that most of us complain to about how there are no good partners anymore. But have you ever wondered that the person that you are looking for just might be right under your nose. Below are 5 people you shouldn’t be friendzoning.
5 People You Shouldn't Be Friendzoning
5 People You Shouldn’t Be Friendzoning

1.The plain Jane/Lame man

The plain Jane probably doesn’t wear make-up and might not have a lot going on physically. The lame man isn’t cool according to the status quo. Maybe you have been overlooking these pretty awesome and non-superficial individuals. The plain Jane or lame man actually happen to spend their time bettering themselves. They are getting educated, soul searching or building empires. Maybe you should stop judging them for trivial things and search deeper to what makes them tick. Their interests or scope might actually intrigue you.

2.The good person

‘Oh he’s a good guy’, or ‘She’s too good for me!’ are common statements. But are we saying that we don’t deserve good things in our lives. Unless you want continuous drama an heartache, the good guy or girl will give you peace of mind. These people know when and how to behave appropriately but that doesn’t make them a walk over.They were raised with good manners and chivalry is not dead. If you want to be treated like a king or queen, it’s high time that you moved that good guy or girl out of the ‘friendzone’.

3.The plus size/teddy bear

Say no to discrimination of individuals due to their body shape and size. Plus size individuals are the sweetest human beings. They are very caring and often have hidden talents such as singing or being funny. If you are looking for some real TLC look no further.

4.The ride or die a.k.a BFF

Your best friend is the person who knows you best. They have been with you throughout everything. They know your strengths as well as weaknesses. They have also been analyzing your complaints about relationships that haven’t worked out. So why have you been ignoring this individual who is a constant in your life? Get your BFF out that friendzone quickly.

5.The neighbour

Remember that annoying neighbor who you didn’t like growing up? Or maybe your mothers were part of the same monetary round group. Well the years have gone by, you all probably migrated to other cities for university or work. Your neighbor has probably changed physically and even status wise. They might be single and seeking for someone who makes home feel like home. Love could just be next door or within your neighborhood. Don’t ignore your neighbor when they come around to borrow the wheelbarrow.
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