5 Tricks for Learning Something New

There is an African proverb that loosely translated says “Learning is a continuous life experience”. We all learn new things for knowledge, skill or just as a hobby but whatever it is, it is always a process. If you are learning a new subject, topic or skill you might at first face a few challenges in grasping or memorizing. This is common when due in the learning process however there are things that you can do to make it easier. Below are 5 simple tricks for learning something new.

5 Tricks for Learning Something New
5 Tricks for Learning Something New

1.Practice the Right Way

Continuous practice can improve your knowledge and skills but it’s better to practice the right. For whatever you are learning there are stipulated rules or procedures of how to learn the new thing.

2. Take a Nap

According sleep helps to consolidate information we have learned during the day. So taking a nap after learning something can help you store it in your brain for longer.

3. Study at the Right Time

There are times when your brain is very alert and there are times when you just want to shut down. Study at the time when you are mentally alert so that you have better concentration. And as in the point above when you feel you need to shut down, nod off.

4. Quiz Yourself

Give yourself a test after studying or practising something. By testing yourself you are assessing what you have grasped and the important topics, points and themes. You can also then look through the areas that you can improve.

5. Learn Over Time

Space out the way you learn which experts have said is the most effective way of learning. Avoid cramming or binge learning something new.



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