6 Salary Negotiation Tips For A New Employee

When you are still a new employee or just got a job post-graduate, negotiating a salary may come as a challenge. This is due to the fact that the company has not assessed your strengths, capabilities and value to the company. However it’s important to negotiate your salary as it shows employers that you are confident in your worth, and assures that you are a very valuable employee. It is important that you negotiate your salary. Below are tips on who to negotiate for a salary as a new employee.

6 Salary Negotiation Tips
6 Salary Negotiation Tips

1. Do your research about the salary range for similar roles in the same industry.

2. Consider the full package of not just the money but the benefits as well. Perks such as health insurance, holiday packages and housing allowance are some of the things that cover your salary negotiations.
3. Be reasonable in your ask by weighing on what you can bring to the table. What you ask for should align with the value that you add to the company.

4. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Make sure that you negotiate reasonably and open chances of receiving your request.

5. Take the time to evaluate the job offer to make sure it’s the right opportunity to you.

6. Make a good argument on why you deserve a high salary. Use facts such as industry standards, the company brand and again what you bring to the table.



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