7 Top Short Term Training Courses

Most people think that getting a degree program is the only way to receive qualifications that guarantee a job. However circumstances vary and not everybody can make it for such programs. The job market though has many gaps and opportunities that require certain skills. There are training programs that can get you a job immediately. The courses can vary  from 6 months to 2 years at most and earn from a certificate to a diploma. Below are 7 top short term training courses.

7 Top Short Term Training Courses
7 Top Short Term Training Courses

1. Massage therapist

Massage therapists are highly in demand especially at beauty spas as well as medical centres. They manipulate muscles and the soft tissue of clients to relieve pain, reduce stress, and increase relaxation. They advise clients about ways to reduce stress and muscular tension and achieve greater relaxation. All one needs is to attend a beauty therapy school that offers a speciality course in massage therapy.

2. Commercial Driver

All you need to do is obtain the required drivers training and licence. As demand for goods continue to increase, the marker for commercial drivers rises too. Commercial drivers transport goods and materials in trailers or other large capacity vehicles.

3. Hair stylist

People of all races and gender require hair care and this is a high demand as well as well paying sector. Hair stylists ensure that clients hair care needs are met. Training courses are most commonly 6-18 with a certificate or diploma at an approved beauty training school.

4. Sales Representatives

Everyday companies are in need of Sales representative for their marketing and Sales departments. Sales trainees need to have strong verbal and interpersonal skills. A course in marketing is needed with an extra experience or enthusiasm for sales.

5. Registered General Nurse

Registered General Nurse training course is on average 3 years however it is an immediate entry to employment. One of the most demanded occupations globally, nursing is all about providing quality healthcare to patients or clients. The qualification comes with a degree. A shorter course is a nurse-aid which takes a year to complete.

6. Web Developer

In this technological age, a web developer is in high demand. Clients are looking for individuals who can build attractive and functional websites. This job requires technical skill but not necessarily much schooling. Experience and constant experimenting with software, graphics and fonts gains you more skills .

7. Commercial Pilot

If you love travelling then delve into the flying in the sky. There is no need for a degree to fly charters or to get paid for things like aerial photography or firefighting missions. Certification from your national Aviation Association or Administration is needed with a short pilot training course at an aviation school.



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