7 Words Successful People Don’t Use

Successful entrepreneurship includes skill and experience however it’s more of an attitude. Entrepreneurship is a challenging yet fruitful venture for any individual. Though you may have the acumen about running a business, your attitude is what determines how successful you will be. During Oprah Winfrey’s masterclass Grammy award winning singer, Alicia Keys that there were words that she stopped saying to herself. According to the ‘In Common’ singer, when she changed what she said to herself, her career and life flourished. Your success is dependent on what you think and say to yourself. Below are 7 words that successful people don’t say that could help you to be successful.

7 Words Successful People Don't Use
7 Words Successful People Don’t Use

1. “Might”

The word “Might” shows insecurity and indecisiveness which makes it hard for others to believe in you.

2. “Usually”

“Usually” is a lack of a sure outcome of your business and its activities.

3. “Should”

‘Should’ shows a lack of confidence and certainty in the result you’re really just hoping for.

4. “Won’t”

The word ‘won’t’ is a definite rejection and appears rude in a way.

5. “Likely”

The word ‘Likely’ indicates a lack of knowledge of how things are being done to meet a goal set by the business.

6. “If Only”

“If only” is an indication that you are not in control of your business and are living on wishful thinking. Successful business people are practical and focused making sure that they are hands on with your business.

7. “Really”

In business the word “really” rarely adds any real value to your conversations and provides no facts.



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