8 Signs to Know that You Are a Workaholic

Still in the spirit of May Day, we acknowledge that there are some workaholics out there. On the one day when you can relax, someone is at their desk. A workaholic has an uncontrollable need to work constantly. Workaholism is often seen as a positive virtue and even considered as a good work ethic. However according to mental health practioners being a workaholic is very unhealthy. Are you addicted to your work? Read the 8 signs to know if you are a workaholic.

8 Signs to Know that You Are a Workaholic
8 Signs to Know that You Are a Workaholic

1. Always busy but there’s no increase of productivity.

2. Always trying to find more time to work.

3. Using work as a diversion from confronting emotions or life problems.

4  Being angry or emotional about being taken away from work.

5. Relationship problems or lack of relationships due to over working.

6. Health problems related to work related stress such as insomnia, eye problems, stroke etc.

7. Defining self worth or esteem through work.

8. Experiencing stress from not working.



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